Is Link Building Dead: Learning Modern SEO Techniques

Link building used to be one of the most important optimization techniques. The past of SEO was all about the reputation passed from one website to another. Google, however, decided that new factors were to start playing a role. The importance of link building decreased significantly during the past few years.
Though link building is still a factor, the rules of the game have changed. The manner in which you create links to your website today is quite different from what link building used to be.

You should understand the specifics of link building before you attempt doing anything. Relying on old-school techniques will increase the risk of getting your website penalized and disappearing from the top positions of the search engine results page (SERP).

Why has Link Building Changed? Link building had to change because of the manner in which many webmasters abused the technique. They found simple methods of cheating and manipulating the system. Some of the link building options that can get you penalized today include:

Buying links Reciprocal link exchanges Reliance on low quality directories for link generation Spammy guest posting for the sake of link creation Getting backlinks from websites that have nothing to do with your niche Link building today is all about relevance. There is another important keyword to remember – “organic.” Backlinks that appear naturally rather than through your specific efforts are the ones that can contribute to your SEO strategy the most.

To stimulate organic link building and to boost the results of your SEO campaign, you can try one of the following techniques.

Use Social Networking and Bookmarking Social networking is the new hot link building possibility. Many social networks will give you quality backlinks. Additionally, you will be generating social signals – an innovative factor that plays a role in optimization.

Try to figure out which social networks provide a do-follow backlink. According to reports, some of these social networks are:

Google+ Pinterest YouTube LinkedIn Reddit Tumblr

There could be some specifics in terms of sharing that you should familiarize yourself with. Google+, for example, will give you a do-follow backlink if you paste the URL in the “link” feature of the status update. Simply pasting the link in the update window will not result in a do-follow link.

Add social sharing buttons to your website, as well. By doing so, you will be encouraging your audience to share content via social networks and to assist you in the link building attempts. This strategy will contribute to your marketing efforts, as well.

Create Quality Content The best way to get organic backlinks involves the creation of high quality, unique and niche content.

Become an authority in a particular topic. Do careful content planning. Come up with topic ideas that are interesting and that nobody else is writing about. This strategy will increase the popularity of your website quickly and it will deliver a loyal audience.

There is an added SEO benefit. Well-written content will stimulate other website owners to link to your website and use it as a source of high quality information. These backlinks are the most valuable ones because they are 100 percent organic and are the ones that you will find in the Rank Recon software.Click Here to find out more information.

Link building has evolved but it is still an important strategy. Read about it and understand which techniques are still useful. When it comes to link building, fewer high quality links can be much more beneficial than a medley of backlinks coming from low quality or irrelevant websites.